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Are you looking for a scrubber that will not disappoint you? If you’re intending to clean a stone surface, then you need a powerful and robust scrubber that will not break down when the work is being done. You also need a scrubber that has been professionally manufactured and is cost effective. Alphaclean provides you with scrubbers that are professionally made and are highly cost effective. Years of experience in developing scrubbers has given us an edge over other suppliers. Our scrubbers serve a large portfolio of clients including hotels, aviation, hospitals, superstores, departmental stores, individuals and commercial users all over Australia. We are the leading supplier of floor scrubbers that are versatile and robust. Our scrubbers clean almost all types of floors with ease without applying much energy.


  • Highly versatile: Our scrubbers can clean all types of surfaces including stones. It is this versatility that has made our scrubbers the most favourite.
  • Simple operations: Our scrubbers are simple to use and operate. They have a simple control panel that is easy to understand and you will within minutes be able to start cleaning your stone floor.
  • Portable: One of our main features on our scrubbers is their portability. You can move from place to place with the scrubber without any worries of bulkiness or immobility.
  • Compact and ultra modern: Our scrubbers are made to be compact, this allows you to be able to wash narrow aisles and edge with ease. With high end technology fitted, it will be as easy as you have never witnessed in other scrubbers.

Alphaclean takes its customers very seriously. With this in mind we offer great after sales service to all our customers who have purchased scrubbers from us. Our employees are highly motivated and are ready to answer all queries that you may have. If you want a stone scrubber, then Alphaclean has one ready for you.