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If you are looking for an efficient tile scrubber for your cleaning, then Alphaclean has one for you. We are the leading supplier and supplier of high quality scrubbers for hard surface. We stock a variety of tile scrubbers including compact ones, ride on and walk behind. You can also choose between battery operated or electric. Each of our scrubbers has passed the test for robust cleaning of all kind of hard surfaces including tiled layers. Our scrubbers can clean up to 2.5 times the same area that an ordinary mop and bucket can do in equal amount of time. In a single pass, our tile scrubber will pick grease, grime and all other kind of dirt that it will find on the floor thus greatly reducing the time spent for cleaning. This is as a result of its advanced technology and innovative features that we have implemented.


  • Highly manoeuvrable:  Our range of tile scrubbers can fit anywhere including narrow aisles and even elevators, thanks to their compact design
  • Cost effective: Our scrubbers consume very little water and detergent while still performing optimally
  • It scrubs, cleans and dries in one swipe both in forward and reverse directions
  • Low noise: You may not notice that a scrubber is around because of the low noise it emits. Its quiet nature allows you to clean areas that are sensitive to loud noise e.g. libraries
  • Simplified operations: Our scrubbers have a simple control panel that allows you to start cleaning within minutes of purchasing it
  • Alphaclean scrubber also feature ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to operate

We have full trained staff to offer you backup in case you need assistance at any time. Our technicians are passionate about their work and will be ready to offer unlimited support to you when you get the tile scrubber from us.