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f you have been wondering how to clean your vinyl surface, then you have come to the right place. Many people are normally worried about how to clean their vinyl floor because of the sensitivity of the material. But at Alphaclean, we have a long lasting cost effective solution for cleaning vinyl floors.  We have specialized vinyl scrubbers for all your cleaning needs on vinyl surfaces.  When cleaning vinyl floors, avoid abrasive scrub pads and detergents, they may spoil your vinyl surface easily and permanently. For tough messes use Alphaclean vinyl scrubber for perfect results. Our vinyl scrubbers are the perfect size for cleaning and removing any dirt on your vinyl floors.


  • Less abrasive and optimized for cleaning vinyl floors
  • Light weight and compact for easy cleaning of narrow aisles and edges
  • Portable for easy carriage and movement from place to place
  • Consumes less power, water and detergents making it a cost effective cleaning solution
  • Multiple functions for automatic scrubbers from applying cleaning solution, scrubbing, cleaning, stripping and drying the floor in one swipe
  • Wide variety to choose from cylindrical to disc models for your own convenience
  • Full backup and warranty for all scrubbers purchased from Alphaclean
  • Versatile and robust for faster cleaning

Alphaclean is the leading provider of cleaning equipment solutions. We have excelled where many suppliers have failed to do so. With trained staff that are motivated and have passion for work, you can be guaranteed of full support once you acquire the scrubber from us. We also have service outlets in key cities for easy accessibility to our services. In stock is a wide variety of parts that can be used in case of repairs and where parts are needed, though our scrubbers are made to last. We provide support to our customers for full satisfaction with our service.