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Matrix SO4 Steam Cleaner
Commercial Steam Only 4.5 Bar pressure.
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Matrix SO8 Steam Cleaner
Commercial 8 bar pressure steam only cleaning system.
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Matrix SV4 Steam Cleaner
Commercial Steam & Vacuum 4.5 Bar pressure.
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SV8D Steam Vacuum & Detergent Cleaner

Steam & Vacuum 8 Bar Commercial/ Industrial 

SW9 Steam & Hot Water Cleaner

Steam & Hot Water 9 Bar Commercial/ Industrial

Matrix SV8 Steam Cleaner
Steam & Vacuum 8 bar commercial / Industrial.
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Matrix SDV8 Steam Cleaner
Steam, Chemical & Vacuum 8 bar.
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Pegaso Steam Vaccum
Steam, Detergent & Vacuum 9 bar.
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Commercial Steam Cleaners – Why commercial steam cleaners are the best option.

When using a mop and bucket or elbow grease for the cleaning of your commercial premises, investing in a commercial steam cleaner may feel something unnecessary, expensive and complicated. However, the advantages it offers will make you reconsider. Here are some of the most important reasons why you will benefit from purchasing a cleaner:

  1. Steam cleaners do not use harsh chemicals

Thanks to the steam produced, which can reach temperatures of 110 degrees, the surfaces will be well disinfected, so you will not have any need to use chemicals to kill germs. The only thing that needs the steam cleaner to do its magic is water.

  1. When you use a cleaner you save time

Time is one of the most precious things in life and nobody likes wasting it. Therefore, using a steam cleaner is the ideal solution if you want to clean your home or commercial premises without spending long hours in the process – An efficient and excellent job done with much less effort and high-quality results.

  1. Better results than conventional methods

When you use a steam cleaner, the results are far much better than when cleaning the surfaces using other methods. Steam cleaners perform very deep cleaning, getting below the surface and eliminating all the dirt and grime that conventional methods can’t reach. The surfaces you can clean include mattresses, upholstery, curtains and tiles. The additional benefit of steam cleaning at high temperature is that the surfaces will be sanitised during the process.

Steam cleaning – How does it work?          

When cleaning any surface using conventional products and methods, you do it superficially, just the top layer. Using a cleaner means you can get much deeper because the steam penetrates the pores of the surface, getting rid of dirt and grime in a way conventional methods can’t do. This provides a higher quality level of cleaning, killing germs during the process and saving you time because you don’t need to do any scrubbing.

Steam cleaning – Is this way of cleaning environmentally friendly?

You may be asking yourself why steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning. Well, the answer is simple: it does not use harsh chemicals, only steam. When you combine high temperatures and steam you achieve a very efficient and high quality level of cleaning, which can beat any other cleaning product containing chemicals.

In addition to the benefit that it represents to the environment, using a steam cleaner is also a very economical solution, as it only uses standard water to produce the steam that will do all the cleaning. One litre of normal tap water can produce up to 1600 litres of steam, which will be enough for 18 – 20 minutes of steam cleaning. And you also save on energy because you only use electricity while heating up the water to produce the steam.

Steam cleaning – Is this a healthy option?

When you clean surfaces with conventional products, there is a chance you leave behind residues that can cause allergies. This does not happen when using a steam cleaner, because the only cleaning product you use is steam!

The use of steam when cleaning offers the people who suffer from allergies a healthier environment, avoiding the dispersion of allergens such as dust mites in the air. This has a direct impact on allergy sufferers, as they will be able to enjoy a better quality of air in the areas where the steam cleaner is used.

Another additional benefit is its simplicity to use and the little effort you will have to do when cleaning with this device. The reason is simple; the steam does all the work!

Steam and its powerful cleaning effect     

You may be wondering why steam has such a powerful and efficient cleaning effect. Well, it is actually a combination of high temperature and steam jet what produces the excellent results when using a steam cleaner. Thanks to these two elements, not only you will clean the surfaces from dirt or grime but you will also kill germs in the process. Steam can reach areas that are difficult to reach through other methods, providing you with excellent results.

There are some attachments or accessories you can use with your steam cleaner such as cloths and brushes in case the area needs some agitation. You will also find the integrated vacuum very useful in case you need to remove debris while cleaning.

Learning how steam cleaners work

If you want to understand how a steam cleaner works, imagine a pressure cooker. As in the pressure cooker, water is heated and pressurised and when you pull the trigger gun, the steam produced by the heating of the water is shot out at a very high speed. The heating can take a few minutes although this varies depending on the cleaner model.

The steam gun will release the steam and the higher the pressure, the quicker the release rate, which makes the cleaning of surfaces a much more efficient task.

Using a Steam Cleaner For Industrial Premises

When you are the owner of a factory, the cleaning you need to do is at an industrial scale, so you need a tool that can provide you with a suitable solution. A commercial or industrial cleaner is the ideal tool not only because it provides powerful steam to remove grime and grease, but also because it leaves your factory environment well disinfected during the process which is the ultimate requirement for staff and where food is processed.

The use of a steam cleaner for industrial spaces brings more than just the advantage of a high quality cleaning result. When you do steam cleaning in your factory, you will not be using harsh chemicals or large amounts of water, which means you can save enormous amounts of money at the same time in addition to the care of the environment and your employees’ wellbeing.

Steam cleaners are not only useful when it comes to cleaning surfaces. Thanks to the attachments that can be used with some steam cleaners, you can use this tool to deep clean and disinfect other large objects and surfaces such as equipment, conveyor belts, walls and more.

5 Good Reasons Why A Steam Cleaner Is the Perfect Tool for Your Business

Many different kinds of businesses, offices or large premises can benefit from the use of cleaners. These places can include cafes, schools, restaurants, care homes and many more. Here you will find the five most important reasons why you should consider buying a steam cleaner for your business.

  1. You will clean your facility in an environmentally friendly way – When you clean using a steam cleaner you are showing you care about the environment. You will be replacing the harsh chemicals, other methods and systems with innocuous steam. Thanks to this, no chemicals will finish up down the drain and you will be doing your bit to save our planet.
  1. A steam cleaner will help you save money – When using traditional cleaning methods and systems you have an additional expense: the cleaning chemicals or products you will use. With a steam cleaner, that expense is gone because the only product you use for cleaning is tap water.
  1. You can save time too! Steam cleaning can be a much quicker method compared to traditional ways of cleaning, therefore, it will save you lots of time – And, when it comes to business, time is money! There are some applications that you may not save time. We highly recommend that you consult with Alphaclean to ascertain if a steam cleaning method for your specific application is going to save time.
  1. It will reduce your OH&S risks – When using chemical products or cleaning machines that are difficult to operate, your OH&S risks increase considerably. However, with the use of a compact commercial steam cleaner for example, your employees will not be exposed to those risks because there are no harsh chemicals involved and the machine is very easy to use.
  1. You will be cleaning and disinfecting at the same time – Having a workplace environment where no bacteria or viruses can breed is paramount, especially if you are in the food or health industry. Steam cleaners are the perfect tools to achieve that level of cleanliness in which infections can’t be spread or cross contamination happen.

What You Need To Know When Choosing a Steam Cleaner

Probably one of the best investments you could make for your home or business is to invest in a steam cleaner. Therefore it is crucial you understand some important features in order to buy the one that will meet all your requirements. Here you will find some useful information that will help you once you decide to purchase a steam cleaner.

  • What is Steam Pressure? Steam is produced when the water is heated at very high temperatures. The measure unit used for steam pressure is Bars, so when it comes to steam cleaners, the higher the Bar pressure the more powerful they are. Steam cleaners for surface cleaning in businesses or at home usually have steam pressure of 4-8 Bars. On the other hand, industrial steam cleaners will be more powerful, with steam pressure that can range from 8 to 10 Bars. If you feel more comfortable using psi units instead of bars, you only need to do the conversion (1 Bar = 14.50 psi).
  • Two Functions in One – Steam and Vacuum – You will find that some steam cleaners have also vacuuming function, which is very useful when after cleaning the surface with steam you need to vacuum any dirt or residues from the treated surface. Most of the steam cleaners Alphaclean promote & support come with this dual function but if price is a concern, then a steam only model will do the job and you can vacuum the residues with a conventional wet & dry vacuum cleaner afterwards.
  • Uninterrupted Operation – One of the most important features that commercial and industrial steam cleaners have is that they don’t stop working while refilling the water tank. These types of cleaners usually come at a slightly larger investment but they are well worth it, especially when used in business or commercial applications.
  • Steam cleaners with detergent injection – Another feature that some steam cleaners have is detergent integration with the machine. Although steam itself is a very efficient and effective cleaner, sometimes there are cases when the help of detergent or chemical is required to help obtain the best results. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, then pre-spraying a cleaning product on the surface that needs to be treated before using the steam cleaner can be just as effective.

Sourcing a reliable cleaner can be a challenge. Many companies talk of quality but very few are able to offer it. With Alphaclean when we speak of quality we mean it and that’s why people prefer our range of steam cleaners. We provide a wide range of cleaners for everyday use in various sectors. Whether it’s for your home use, institutions, hospitals or hotels we have something for you that will make your cleaning experience unforgettable.

Alphaclean offers you with a variety of steam options; this includes multipurpose cleaners, handheld steam cleaners, and steam mop to floor scrubbing steam cleaners. All these models are manufactured to give you a clean wash using the latest technology in steam cleaning. They have been equipped with the latest innovation that will make your experience effortless. Our steamers remove all dirt, grime, from a variety of surfaces including grout. They can restore your surface to its original form without changing the original colours or texture. Our versatile collection of steam cleaners will not only clean but sanitize the area without the use of chemicals.

Benefits of using our steam cleaners:

  • No use of chemicals that can be harmful to you or your surfaces
  • Steam cleaning can kill all hidden bedbugs, bacteria and other harmful pests that may be transmitting diseases.
  • Our steam cleaners do not leave any exotic residues or stain on your surfaces.
  • It is a powerful cleaning force that will leave your surfaces healthy and shining.
  • It is environmentally friendly as only water is used for all the cleaning.

Alphaclean provides you with an extensive network of backup service of professional and local maintenance. We also have a dedicated team of experts that would advise you on the best steam cleaning solution that would give you the best value for money. Our staff analyse all your needs and give you the best options available.