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Steam Cleaners

It is important to maintain high level of cleanliness in aged care facilities due to the fact that aged people are susceptible to diseases than young persons. They can get infection very easily and which can spread very fast to neighbouring facilities. However, sometimes the aged care facilities are so big that it is difficult to contain spillage and other messes that occur every day.  That’s why aged care facilities require a powerful and an advanced steam cleaner that can make work much easier inside these facilities.

Alphaclean has one of the most advanced steam cleaners that can handle the magnitude of cleaning and sanitization that is required at aged care facilities. Alphaclean has been providing cleaning solutions in this industry for many years and has been able to develop equipment that meet and supersede the demands of aged care facilities.  Our machines can clean and sanitize floors and floors of aged care facilities within a very short time due to the versatility that they have been manufactured.

Features and performance

  • Our machines are robust and rugged designed to meet the kind of demands required at age care facilities
  • Our steam cleaners can clean hard floors, walls, carpets, spillages and windows at aged care facilities within minutes. It will also sanitize the areas and eliminate any bacteria present.
  • Our steam cleaners meant for age care facilities are fast and can clean and disinfect surfaces in single pass
  • They can also deodorize both hard floors and other textile surfaces like curtains and carpets within minutes killing bacteria, bugs and other hidden deposits within a time
  • Our machines are highly portable, compact in design and manoeuvrable that they can fit anywhere even narrow aisles, between beds and curtains.

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