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People love carpets, they want them to be clean and also shield them from cold floors. When you come home from work in the evening, you want something warm and soft that can sooth your tired feet. With a carpet at home, you can always be sure that you find something warm to place your feet on. But the actual problem comes when the carpet gets dirty. It is the most difficult thing to wash and needs specialized care. That’s why people now resort to carpet steam cleaner. It is the easiest equipment to use to clean your carpet and leave it smelling nice and also restore it to its original form.

Alphaclean provides a wide range of carpet steam cleaning machines that are easy to operate, powerful and advanced in technology. We have served many clients with state of the art carpet steam cleaner and they are happy about our machine. Some of the clients include hospitals, offices, furniture shops, hotels and even homes. We are the leading supplier of advanced carpet steam cleaner that out perform any other machine in the market. Ours is a trusted brand that has been used for many years with happy customers.

Features and performance

  • Powerful and advanced features make it the best carpet steam cleaner in the market
  • Easy to use due to its simple operations and user friendly manual and control panel
  • Reaches high temperatures making it effective in cleaning and killing all bacteria that might be hidden in the carpet
  • Compact and ergonomic design makes cleaning comfortable
  • Cost effective as it consumes low power and water
  • Does not use chemicals making it environmentally friendly

Alphaclean continues to develop products that meet the demand of customers. We have factory trained technicians who are ready to service your equipment to give it a longer shelf life.