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Steam Cleaners

Alphaclean is the leading solution provider in cleaning services. We offer professional cleaning equipment services to a wide variety of clients including hospitals, hotels, aviation, institutions, superstores, homes and many more. If you need carpet steam cleaning equipment, then you can contact us for the best deals. We have a wide range of steam cleaners that can steam clean your carpet within minutes. They are highly efficient and cost effective as they consume very little water and power.

Our steam cleaners will not only clean your carpet, but will also leave it dry so you don’t have to dry it again in the sun or with a specialized dryer. Our carpet steam cleaners are robust and powerful; they will literally within a very short time suck and pick all the dust and foreign deposits from your carpet leaving it smelling fresh whist restoring it to its original form. No chemicals are required while steam cleaning your carpet, the high temperature will kill all bacteria making it safe to use immediately after the wash.

Alphaclean commercial steam cleaners are professionally made to clean perfectly your carpet. Years of research and development are what make our steam cleaners to be the obvious choice for many customers. Our staffs are highly trained to handle any issues that might arise during the operations.

We have a fully fledged technical department to service and repair any of our cleaning equipment. We are ready at all times and we do not give excuses like “We do not have the capacity to repair the machine at this time, we are sorry”. Alphaclean is always prompt in responding to customer queries. We also stock all parts for our cleaners so that you do not have to look around for a technician. With service outlets in major cities, you can always be sure of getting help anytime, anywhere.