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Steam Cleaners

If you are looking for a commercial steam cleaner, then you have come to the right place. Alphaclean is the leading provider of innovative commercial steam cleaners in Australia. We have the widest range of steam cleaners that can help you a lot in your business. Our commercial steam cleaners are robust and versatile as they have been developed by our technicians after many years of research.  We serve many clients in Australia including aviation, hotels, hospitals, institutions, superstores, plus many more clientele in the entire region. Our commercial steam cleaners come in many different designs for your own convenience.

We also stock both electric and battery cleaners which are both highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing all your surfaces leaving them sparkling clean, including grout steam cleaners.

Features and performance

  • Our commercial steam cleaners feature a big gallon so you don’t need to keep on refilling it when doing your cleaning
  • They can be used both by individuals and commercial use
  • They heat up fast after water has been poured in thereby limiting the tome wasted when still heating up
  • They are the most cost effective as they consume little water and electricity per wash
  • They are robust and versatile and are suitable for cleaning most kind of surfaces
  • Our commercial steam cleaner are durable and rugged built for many years of service without breakdowns
  • With advanced technology, our commercial steam cleaner will kill almost 99% of all bacteria on the surfaces leaving it sanitized and safe
  • Dirt, residue, stains and other deposits are quickly picked with our high temperature commercial steam cleaner

Alphaclean also provides comprehensive warranty to all our commercial steam cleaner. We also have one of the best trained technicians who are more than willing to help you when you get any problem with our commercial steam cleaner.