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Steam Cleaners

Are you tired of seeing that messy grout on your floor? If so, then you need a permanent solution to it. You need a powerful steam cleaner that will remove the grout from your floor without a trace. Alphaclean provides innovative cleaning solutions using advanced steam cleaners.

Our steam cleaner will remove the grout from the surface leaving your floor sparkling clean. We have many happy clients who have used our steam cleaner before and are satisfied with our cleaning services. We have successfully served hospitals, hotels, aviation, institutions plus many more clients. It is our continued research and development that has made our steam cleaners be the best in the industry. Also, perfect for hard floor steam cleaner.

Features and performance

  • Compact and powerful steam cleaner that removes all grout from your floor within minutes
  • Highly manoeuvrable it can clean narrow aisles and even edges with ease
  • Simple control panel for easy operations; our steam cleaner does not have complicated buttons to press instead it has been made to be easily operated by everyone.
  • Cost effective cleaning solution as it does not use expensive chemicals. Our steam cleaner only uses water that is heated up to produce a powerful jet of steam that eliminates grout from your surface
  • Environmentally friendly to use as it does not use chemicals that may turn out to be hazardous to the environment
  • It is ruggedly built to last many years using the finest materials available in the market
  • Low power and water consumption means more wash and less power utility bills

Alphaclean has factory trained technicians who are capable of handling any issues that you may have. We also provide comprehensive warranty to all our machines; this is a show of confidence that we have in our brand. Our friendly customer supports are available to assist you with any operational assistance you might require.