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Matrix GR8888
Completely self-contained chewing gum removal system incorporating a 8 bar pressure steam boiler.
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Gum Removal Steam Cleaners

We provide a wide range of steam cleaners for everyday use in various industries.

Do You Require A Gum Removal Steam Cleaner

It’s one of the most annoying cleaning conundrums: how do you get rid of gum stuck to the floor? The answer is to invest on one of the most advanced and powerful steam cleaners from market leaders Alphaclean, and you have the best way of getting rid of gum and other annoying substances. As one of the market leaders in Australia we have the expertise and knowledge to help you, and we can boast a wealth of satisfied clients. Our machines are used in medical institutions, hotels, airports & retail facilities. Our commercial gum steamers have the the latest advances in technology meaning we are always on top of the game.

Our Steam Cleaners feature:

  • Versatile size coupled with powerful cleaning for effective gum removal in the shortest possible time.
  • Easy to move and compact for use in the smallest and most awkward spaces.
  • Ease of use thanks to simple controls and lack of complications, meaning all can use it and time is saved.
  • No need for chemicals – resulting in less expense, easier usage and greater responsibility for the environment.
  • Built to last thanks to the robust commercial design with top quality materials.
  • Low power usage and efficient water consumption meaning more cost effective and less time spent removing gum.

With a qualified and experienced team of technical staff who can help you with any issues or questions, Alphaclean can provide the very best in customer service and after-sales support. All our machines come with a full warranty and we carry a comprehensive range of spares for repairing machines quickly. For more information on gum removal steam cleaners, or any of our products, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.