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Steam Cleaners

It is difficult to get a hard floor steam cleaner that is advanced and can do floor steaming needs with little effort and at the same time be cost effective. We at Alphaclean have developed hard floor steam cleaner that are very powerful and yet very cost effective. This has been possible due to the effort that our team has put into place. Our hard floor steam cleaner have been proven by many customers to be the best in the industry. It is technologically advanced with features that other steam mops do not have. Ours is a machine that will steam clean all your hard surfaces effortlessly and with ease.

Now you do not have to spend a lot of cash in buying expensive chemicals for your hard floor cleaning. Our high pressure steam cleaner will perfectly clean and sanitizeyour hard floor with water only.

Features and performance

  • Cost effective as you do not need to buy expensive chemicals to wash your hard floors. It also eliminates the possibility of interacting with potential harmful chemicals
  • Light weight and highly maneuverable with a swivel head that can fit between the tables as it picks out and cleans your hard surface
  • Its ergonomically design is made to be comfortable even for washing large surfaces for long. Long power cord allows you to move away long distances from the main power cord as you do the cleaning
  • Bigger tank means it can hold more water and thus you do not need to keep on refilling it.

Alphaclean innovative floor cleaning equipment continues to be a hit in the market. We have factory trained technicians who can handle any technical issues that might arise. We also offer comprehensive warranty for our machines, so do not have to worry about any potential breakdowns. Give us a call today on 1300 655 598.