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Steam Cleaners

Are you looking for high pressure steam cleaner? Alphaclean has one for you. We are the leading provider of cleaning equipment including high pressure steam cleaners and other professional cleaning equipment. Our equipment have been manufactured after many years of research and development and that’s why our steam cleaners are the most after sought after by customers all over Australia.

Our high pressure steam cleaner are powerful, robust and rugged and can literally clean all surfaces that require chemical free but efficient cleaning solution.  Our high pressure steam cleaner are ideal for cleaning car engines, car interiors exterior, other equipment and machinery plus many other more uses that require force. Also used in hospitals for various professional requirements.

Alphaclean has for many years provided the best cleaning solutions in the entire region and that’s why ours is a trusted brand all over.

We continue to meet industry demands for efficient and cost effective high pressure steam cleaners which are not only capable of delivering great results, but also cheap and easy to maintain.

Features and Performance

  • Robust and rugged equipment for all your cleaning needs ensures there is no failure at any one point
  • Chemical free cleaning means no harm to the environment or potential hazard to the user
  • No complicated control panel to operate, ours is a simple lift and go technology that allows any person to operate
  • Economical to run as they consume very little water and electricity
  • Wide variety to choose from hence there is no shortage of specific cleaning solution

Alphaclean continues to train its staff providing them with knowledge on the latest technology in steam cleaners. Our staff are ready to assist you anytime of the day or night as we operate. If you are looking for the best high pressure steam cleaner, then you have come to the right place.