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Hospitals are places that need high level of cleanliness. There are many patients hosted in the hospitals with different ailments that come over for treatment. If not taken care of properly, an outbreak of infection and counter infections can occur. It is therefore imperative that hospitals get a cleaning solution that will not only clean the floors and beddings, but also sanitize and deodorize the hospital beds, curtains and even the floors. Alphaclean, the industry leading provider for cleaning solutions in Australia, has cleaning solutions that have been specifically tailored for hospitals and nursing homes.

The solutions have been developed after years of research to make sure that it is a solution that can meet the strict demand of hospitals. That’s why we came with hospital industrial steam cleaner that cleans, drys, sanitizes and deodorizes hospital environment. Our hospital steam cleaners have been found to be effective and the most appropriate for that work. They are cost effective, fast and easy to use.

Features and performance

  • Fast and easy to operate without complicated control panels
  • Highly maneuverable with long cord and swivel head making it reach even the narrowest aisles, below the beds and table and even hidden corners
  • Cost effective as no chemicals are used in cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly as the equipment only uses water to clean and sanitize the surfaces
  • Powerful and robust as they have been designed for the demanding hospital environment for cleanliness

Alphaclean has developed a special cleaning program for hospitals to ensure they are properly cleaned and sanitized to minimize case of infection. The program includes cleaning of all hard floors, widows and walls, cleaning of spills and carpets, cleaning of bathrooms and other private rooms and sanitizing all textile surfaces. This program has been specifically designed for hospitals and nursing homes, for more information do not hesitate to contact us.