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Steam Cleaners

If you are operating a large industry and you need powerful cleaning equipment, then you need an industrial steam cleaner. Alphaclean provides powerful Industrial steam cleaners for cleaning large scale surfaces and machines. Our steam cleaners have been developed after thorough research has been done. Our experience in producing and supplying cleaning equipment spans many years and that’s why our brand is trusted all over Australia. We have a wide variety of Industrial steam cleaners to choose from depending on your needs. Alphaclean Industrial steam cleaners are made from the finest materials available making them to be durable and rugged.  You can use our steam cleaners to clean a variety of machines and surfaces without fear because they have been made for versatility, we also offer steam cleaner hire for added benefit to your business.

Features and performance

  • They are powerful and robust for industrial use
  • Our Industrial steam cleaners provide a powerful jet that removes all dirt, grime and grease from surfaces
  • Rugged construction makes them durable and long lasting
  • Simple and easy to use; no complicated user manuals and control panels
  • Highly portable as they have been designed to be able to be moved around
  • Reliable and tough to withstand the rigors of industrial workplace
  • Cost effective as they consume little water and power while still performing beyond expectation

Alphaclean continues to be the industry leader in the supplier of Industrial steam cleaners. We have a dedicated engineering department that specifically deals with research and development of our cleaning equipment. This has made us to be the number one choice for many consumers in Australia. We also have a full technical department that will assist you with any issues that you might have. Our customer support department is well equipped with friendly staff who will answer all your questions promptly. If you are happy with our services and need to contact us.