Industrial Steam Cleaners

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Matrix 4×4 SDV8
Suitable for Industrial Environments where steam, detergent & vacuum is required.
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Matrix 4×4 SD10KW
Suitable for Industrial Environments where steam & detergent is required – 10 Bar.
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Matrix 4×4 SD20KW
Suitable for Industrial Environments where steam & detergent is required – 10 Bar.
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Industrial Steam Cleaners

We provide a wide range of steam cleaners for everyday use in various industries.

Do You Require A Industrial Steam Cleaner

An industrial steam cleaner is a very useful tool to have around for the more rugged applications, and at Alphaclean we have assured our status as one of the leading providers of industrial steam cleaners in Australia. With a comprehensive range of machines we are confident that we can provide what you need, and offer only the very best machines, carefully designed to be effective and long-lasting. Our steam cleaners are used in a range of industries from hospitality to medicine, retail outlets and offices, and we have every area covered with our many models. You have a choice of single or three phase models making sure that your industrial work environment can be maintained as easily as possible.

What Our Machines Feature:

  • A large tank is incorporated in our designs so that frequent refills are not necessary
  • In addition to the industrial application, our machines can be used in other environments
  • We make sure heating time is quick saving the operator time
  • Our designs are power and water efficient for added cost effectiveness
  • We ensure your industrial steam cleaner will last many years thanks to the robust design
  • We utilize the most up to date technology to guarantee the elimination of most bacteria
  • High cleaning temperatures mean that our machines can tackle just about all residue and dirt.

With a full warranty on all of our industrial steam equipment and a team of highly experienced technical staff who are more than happy to answer your questions or give you the best advice, Alphaclean is the place to come for the best deal on the market.