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Matrix 4×4 SD20KW – Steam, Detergent 10 Bar

Want to see the Matrix 4×4 SD20KW in action?

  • Suitable for Industrial Environments where steam & detergent is required (vacuum optional)
  • Stainless Steel Boiler supplying 26.4 litres of dry steam per hour
  • Continuous Fill boiler allowing refill with no reheat time
  • 10 Bar Pressure 3-phase steam cleaner
  • Detergent Delivery system
  • Steam regulator to control the volume of steam –
  • Full steam & detergent too kit as standard (vacuum optional)
Steam Mop Kit - Optional

Accessories – Included as standard

6m Steam LanceCode: 30RM00019
Large Round Brush Stainless SteelCode: 30RM00010
Large Round Brush NylonCode: 30RM00011
Large Round Brush BrassCode: 30RM00012
Medium Round Brush Stainless SteelCode: 30RM00013
Medium Round Brush NylonCode: 30RM00014
Medium Round Brush BrassCode: 30RM00015
Small Round Brush Stainless SteelCode: 30RM00016
Small Round Brush NylonCode: 30RM00017
Small Round Brush BrassCode: 30RM00018
Safety GlovesCode: 30RM00020
Safety GlassesCode: 30RM00021