Matrix SV8

Steam & Vacuum 8 bar – Commercial / Industrial

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  • The compact SV8 has the powerful capacity to eliminate bacteria whilst sanitizing and removing unwanted debris with its all-in-1 system.
  • Designed as a commercial system with integrated wet & dry vacuum makes storage and transportation of this machine even easier.
  • The SV8 is durable with a stainless steel body and boiler providing continual steam output for extended periods of time.
  • Comes with an added basket at the rear of the machine to house accessories and tools.
  • Continuous fill boiler allows for refill anytime with zero reheat time.
  • Has an integrated hour meter for effective management of your machine’s service schedules.

Steam Mop Kit - Optional

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Accessories – Included as standard


Code: 15RM00016

Code: 13RM00008

Wing Nut (4 with each Machine)
Code: 12RM00067

Caster No Brake (2 per machine at Back)
Code: 12RM00073

Caster With Brake (2 per machine at Front)
Code: 12RM00115

Extension Tube with red locking button for steam & vacuum (X 2 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00003

250mm Glass Washer (window squeegee)
Code: 15RM00008

Round Polyester Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00011

Round Brass Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00012

Upholstery Suction Tool
Code: 15RM00013

400mm Floor Brush Nozzle
Code: 15RM00027

400mm Floor Brush Insert
Code: 15RM00028

400mm Squeegee Insert
Code: 15RM00029

400mm Carpet Insert
Code: 15RM00030

4m Hose for Steam, Vacuum & Detergent
Code: 15RM00031

150mm Steam & Vacuum Nozzle
Code: 15RM00040

150mm Steam & Vacuum Brush Attachment
Code: 15RM00041

150mm Steam & Vacuum Squeegee Attachment
Code: 15RM00042

Long Steam Lance
Code: 15RM00050

Short Steam Lance
Code: 15RM00051

Optional Accessories

2.5 m Hose for steam, vacuum & Detergent
Code: 15RM00001

300mm floor brush nozzle
Code: 15RM00004

300mm floor brush insert
Code: 15RM00005

300mm Squeegee Insert
Code: 15RM00006

300mm Carpet Insert
Code: 15RM00007

Round Stainless Steel Detail Brush (small push fit)
Code: 15RM00010

Round Stainless Steel Detail Brush in a pack of 10 (small push fit)
Code: 15RM00018

Round Polyester Detail Brush in a pack of 10 (small push fit)
Code: 15RM00019

Round Brass Detail Brush in a pack of 10 (small push fit)
Code: 15RM00020

Short Steam Lance in Plastic
Code: 15RM00055

Steam & Vacuum Gulper Nozzle (use with 15RM00055)
Code: 15RM00056