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Steam Cleaners

Are you tired of using chemicals every day in your cleaning assignments? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Alphaclean offers an extensive range of new steam cleaning equipment for a variety of industries. Our clients include hospitals, hotels, institutions, government agencies, aviation and many more industries that require a versatile steam cleaning solution. Our range of steam cleaners can be used both for homes and commercial use.  They sanitize and clean all bacteria without use of chemicals thus making your cleaning experience cost effective and environmentally safe.

Our new steam cleaners have been developed after extensive research and development thus making them the most revolutionary in the whole industry. They are powerful and there antibacterial capabilities make them the obvious choice for many consumers. Highly recommended for tile steam cleaning and vapour cleaner

Features and Performance

  • No use of chemicals instead uses powerful steam to clean and sanitize your surfaces Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used which could degrade the environments Safe to use as no dangerous chemicals are added for cleaning purposes
  • Removable water tank that can be removed and returned back after filling with water
  • Electronic pump ensures continuous steam so there is no need to pump the water manually
  • Steam jets focus exactly what point need to be cleaned hence increasing efficiency

Alphaclean continues to be the market leader in provision of new steam cleaners due to their best after sales service that we offer. We have fully trained staff that are ready to assist you anytime if you have problem operating the cleaner. We also have technicians who are available to assist you in emergency repairs or normal service. Alphaclean also stocks a wide variety of parts in every city using our network for easy access to service and repairs. When you need the best steam cleaner then do not hesitate to give us a call for the best deal.