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Steam Cleaners

Alphaclean is the leader in provisioning of cleaning solutions in Australia. We provide a wide variety of cleaning equipment including steam cleaning equipment. So if you are looking for a chemical free but effective cleaning solution, then visit us for the widest range of steam cleaning machines.

Our equipment has been manufactured to the highest standards using the finest material to make them robust and rugged. Alphaclean serves a wide base of clientele including hospitals, aviation, superstores, institutions, hotels and many more customers in Australia. We have been in this industry for many years giving us a lot of experience in the supplying of steam cleaning equipment. That is what has made us the number one choice when it comes to provisioning of steam cleaning equipment.

Features and Performance

  • High power and robust making cleaning very easy as you spend less time in cleaning Multiple jet provide a powerful steam that clears dirt from specific surfaces instantly No use of chemicals makes it safe and environmentally safe to use
  • Rugged construction for versatility and durability
  • Our steam cleaning equipment are one of the most durable in the industry
  • Our steam cleaning equipment are simple and easy to operate. There are no complicated control panels but simple operating instructions.
  • Cost effective solution as it uses less water and power but still provide a powerful wash for all your machineries and surfaces

Alphaclean continues to research and develop steam cleaning equipment that is robust and powerful. We also have well trained technicians who are professional and willing to assist you with any queries that you may have. All our steam cleaning equipment comes with a comprehensive warranty which shows our commitment to quality. We stock a wide variety of parts in case your equipment requires replacement of parts. Contact us today for the best steam cleaning equipment.