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Steam Cleaners

Have you been looking for the best steam cleaning machines for your cleaning exercise? Alphaclean has the best solution for you.  We offer the widest range of steam cleaning machines in the industry. Our machines have been used by many customers across Australia including hospitals, hotels, institutions, departmental stores, aviation plus many more clients.

Our steam cleaning machines have been developed after many years of research and development.  That is what has made them to be the most reliable and versatile in Australia. Our customers are happy about our cleaning solutions and that’s why they keep on coming back. Therefore If you are looking for the most robust cleaning solution, then come to Alphaclean for the best steam cleaning machines, you will never be disappointed.

Features and performance

  • Highly versatile and durable makes them the ultimate choice for all your steam cleaning needs whether for home or industrial use
  • Our steam cleaning machines have also been designed to maneuver even the narrowest aisles, tight corners and edges with ease
  • Our machines are powerful and robust and can clean large surfaces within minutes thus saving a lot of time
  • Our steam cleaning machines area also ruggedly built using the finest materials in the market making them durable and powerful
  • Simple operation without complicated user manuals and control panel makes them easy to use and can be operated by anyone

Alphaclean maintains service centres and outlets in key cities across the country. This is to bring our services close to you including maintenance, sales and servicing. We have experienced and factory trained technicians who will assist you with any queries that you might have regarding our machines. We provide customer support to help any users who might be stuck or have questions, this is our commitment to our customers that we really value them.