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Steam Cleaners

If you want a chemical free washing, then you need steam floor cleaners from Alphaclean. We provide a wide range of steam cleaners for all your needs at affordable prices. We are the industry leading solution provider for cleaning equipment in Australia. We have served many clients in Australia with cost effective steam cleaning solution including hospitals, hotels, institutions, aviation plus many more clients in the entire region.

Our steam cleaners are the best in the industry, they are produced after an extensive research has been done to ensure they offer cost effective cleaning solution that will save you a lot in terms of costs. Steam cleaning ensures that all almost 99% of bacteria are killed after the wash, leaving your surfaces sanitized without use of any chemicals.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

  • No use of chemicals hence providing a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • Its cost effective than traditional mop and bucket as no detergents are used, it also consumes less water than other cleaning equipment
  • Steam cleaning does not only clean your surfaces, but also sanitizes them by killing all bacteria completely
  • Cleans large surfaces quickly almost two and half times of more than the traditional mop and bucket
  • Highly maneuverable can be moved from one place to another depending on where the surfaces you want to clean are located

Alphaclean has a wide range of steam cleaners to choose from. They have all been made to be efficient and versatile for easy cleaning of different surfaces. We also have factory trained technicians who can assist you with all your queries that you may have about our equipment. We also offer comprehensive warranty for all our equipment, this is a show that we trust our brand and also to give you a peace of mind when you purchase any cleaning equipment from us.