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Steam Cleaners

Does your floor need some cleaning to kill bacteria and remove stains and other dirt? Then you need a steam floor cleaner that will be able to effortlessly remove the dirt and kill bacteria without use of chemicals. Alphaclean provides cost effective cleaning equipment solutions that will leave your floor spotless clean at a fraction of a cost. We have a wide range of cleaning equipment that may assist you with cleaning your floor easily.trusted over the years by many clients around

Our steam cleaners can remove all the grime, grease, bacteria, and grout within the shortest period possible. Our steam floor cleaners do not use any chemicals thus making them the safest and effective way of cleaning your floor. We have served many clients in the past including hospitals, hotels, casinos, superstores, instructions and many more.  Customers rely on our cleaning solutions because of the innovative cleaning equipment that we provide.

We have industry leading steam floor cleaners that have been Australia.  For all your specialized cleaning for you floor needs, then Alphaclean is here to help you out.

Features and performance

  • Highly versatile as they can clean many floor types
  • Portable as they can be moved around with ease from place to place
  • Highly maneuverable making them the best to use in narrow aisles and edges
  • Powerful and reliable having been made only from the finest materials
  • Simple and easy to operate with simple but highly effective control panel

Alphaclean will continue to produce high quality steam floor cleaners which are bold and innovative. This is to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our cleaning solutions. We also have professionally trained staff and technicians who can assist you with any queries that might arise during operations. For a quick chat with us on our cleaning solutions please contact us today.