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Steam Cleaners

Alphaclean is the leading provider of cleaning solutions in Australia. We provide a wide range of cleaning equipment including scrubbers, sweepers, steam vacuum cleaner and many more. Alphaclean industry leading vacuums have been proven for high quality, reliability, versatility, robust and the most reliable. Our steam vacuum cleaners have over the years been the customer’s choice when it comes to carpet cleaning. This is due to the innovations that we have put in our vacuums cleaners that have made them the most efficient in Australia.

Both experts and users have consistently given our vacuum cleaners high rating due to their consistent performance for commercial use. Our steam vacuum cleaners have been used in different industries and sectors including hotels, casinos, institutions, hospitals and other organisations.

Features and performance

  • Versatile and powerful as they can be used in a variety of surfaces including carpets and other areas
  • Cost effective as they consume very little water while still perform beyond expectation
  • Low noise emission as they have been built with the latest technology hence reducing the noise emitted during operations
  • Simple and easy to maintain as it has a simple control panel while removable parts are easily accessible
  • No use of chemicals makes it a safe option for use in your kitchen and other areas that are sensitive to chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are added that could turn out to be harmful

Alphaclean continues to research and develop cost effective cleaning equipment solutions in the industry that are innovative and bold. We have trained all our staff to the highest standards so that they can assist all our customers with any queries that might arise. Our staffs are friendly and ready to assist anytime day or night. For the best steam vacuum cleaners please contact us today for the best deals.