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Steam Cleaners

If your property is tiled, then you must be wondering which the best way to clean it is. Traditional mop and bucket does not seem to work well for tiles as they leave water on the floor and does not dry quickly. They are also not effective in clearing hidden elements e.g. bacteria. Mop and buckets also does not sanitize the floor while you spend a lot of water and detergent to clean your tiled floor. The best way to perfectly clean tiled floor would be to get a tile steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners not only clean your floor, but also sanitize the floor by killing almost 99% of bacteria. Steam cleaners are a powerful and cost effective way to clean the floor; no chemicals are required as it uses hot steam to clean to clean your surface. Alphaclean has the best tile steam cleaner for your cleaning needs

Our steam cleaners are modern with innovative features that make your cleaning experience efficient and effective. We have served a lot of clients in the past including hospitals, hotels, aviation, departmental stores, government agencies etc with our leading cleaning solutions.

Features and performance

  • Versatile and powerful features make them the ideal equipment for tile cleaning
  • Compact and ergonomic design for comfort and easy access to narrow aisles and edges
  • Simple control panel to make your work easier when operating
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Powerful steam jets remove specific dirt from the surface
  • Cleans and dries at the same time allowing users to be able to use the floor immediately after it has been washed

Alphaclean continues to provide cost effective cleaning solutions for commercial use. We have professionally trained technicians who will assist you in case of any problem with the machine. We provide comprehensive warranty so you can have a peace of mind when you purchase the equipment from us.