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Steam Cleaners

Alphaclean is the leading provider of cleaning solutions in Australia. We supply a wide range of cleaning equipment including vapour cleaners, scrubbers, steam cleaners, plus many more. We have a wide base of clients including hotels, hospitals, aviation, institutions etc. Our many years of experience have enabled us to produce the best vapour cleaners in Australia.

Our vapour cleaners are powerful and will swipe all dirt, grime, grout, grease and even bacteria at once. Advanced in technology making them cost effective and easy to use.  We take years of research and development to come up with the best technologically advanced vapour cleaners in Australia. This has made us to be the number one choice in the country for supply and service of cleaning equipment.

Features and Performance

  • Compact design for easy access to narrow aisles, edges and tight corners
  • Cleans and kills bacteria at the same time due to the high temperatures that it is able to reach
  • Simple to operate with easy menus and control panel
  • Highly versatile, can clean a wide range of surfaces leaving them hygienically clean and sanitized
  • Cost effective cleaning solution compared to traditional mop and bucket
  • Environmentally friendly since it does not use any chemicals to clean surfaces
  • Can clean large surfaces fast and effective due to its powerful features thus reducing the cost of cleaning

Alphaclean continues to develop technologically advanced cleaning equipment that meet everyone’s cleaning demands for commercial entities. We have factory trained technicians who are well equipped with technical knowledge in maintaining and repairing.  Alphaclean also has offices in major cities where you can purchase genuine accessories for you vapour cleaners and also have your machine serviced. Our friendly staff are always ready to welcome you to our offices and help in the best way possible.