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Looking for a floor sweeper?

Alphaclean provides the widest range of cleaning equipments that are highly technologically advanced.  Our range of sweepers provides you with the most efficient way of cleaning your home, street, large factory floors or even institutions. They are built to last with the finest materials that make our sweepers durable and sturdy. They can be used for a wide range of surfaces as they provide superior cost effective cleaning solutions for a wide variety of applications. When you purchase a sweeper from us you are guaranteed that you are purchasing reliable and cost efficient equipment that will last a long time and serve you diligently for many years.

At Alphaclean, all our staff are professionally trained and have all the product knowledge about our quality range of commercial floor sweepers & cleaning equipment to help you when you require. Our floor sweepers come with a comprehensive warranty plan that will give you a peace of mind when you get the equipment from us. We also have cleaning experts that will advice you on the best cleaning equipment to buy for your needs. So whether you buy a ride on sweeper or a walk behind sweeper you can be rest assured that you are getting a quality product from the leading provider of cleaning solutions in the region.

Sweeper Features:

  • Our floor sweeper for every occasion and application, from outdoor floors to indoor floors.
  • They are highly versatile and can be used even in the most hidden places
  • Large surface brush ensures that you clean in only one sweep and not go back and forth on the same spot.
  • Our sweepers are comfortable to use and safe to operate
  • They are also designed to meet and exceed your cleaning expectations
  • Highly innovative dust free technology has been used to make sure minimum maintenance is required

Every time you purchase a sweeper from us you are guaranteed of utmost efficient equipment ever.

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When you run a business, time is extremely precious, so you can’t spend too much time when trying to make decisions. This is the reason why we have come up with a simple guide to help you decide which floor sweeper suits best your needs and help you to choose the right one for your business.

There are three main aspects you need to consider in order to get started:

  1. The kind of debris or dirt you need to clean every time you use the sweeper
  2. The type of flooring of your business
  3. The size of the area that needs to be cleaned

Once you have thought about these three aspects, you will have an idea of what your sweeper needs to offer you to make it the perfect purchase for your business. In addition to this, you will also need to think about the additional attachments or features you want to add or include when you buy your new sweeper. The accessories vary according to the different brands available on the market. In order to make your process of selection much easier, try preparing a chart with the following information:

  1. The width of the area/aisle that will be cleaned
  2. Number of dustpans included/available
  3. Edge brushes and corner brushes
  4. The kind of rotor that will be used for the brush
  5. Rubber bumpers included to protect the baseboards
  6. Ground clearance of the floor sweeper
  7. Patented technology
  8. Sturdiness of the machine / life expectancy of the sweeper

Useful information to choose the correct floor sweeper according to your needs

It is very confusing to learn the differences between all the diverse varieties of sweepers available in the market and for someone who is not familiar with these machines, choosing one for the first time can be a daunting experience.

First thing you need to know is that there are different types of sweepers, with different features, benefits and accessories. We can classify them in two groups, walk-behind sweepers and ride-on sweepers.

Ride-on Sweepers

These sweepers can be used both indoors and outdoors and in terms of size, they are smaller than their predecessor, the street sweeper. They are very effective if what you need to clean are large areas such as car parks, warehouses or even small areas such as elevators. One of the main features of this kind of sweepers is that they are capable of sweeping, scrubbing and drying the surfaces all at once. They can work on petrol, diesel or battery and you will find a wide variety to choose from. Most of them are user friendly, easy to maintain and compact. Thanks to their multiple functions these machines reduce the cleaning time dramatically when it comes to cleaning very large areas.

Walk-behind sweepers

The main feature of this type of sweepers is their ability to pick up different kinds of debris, such as screws, nails or paper. That is why in theory these are considered powerful brooms, which can do a much better job compared to regular brooms when it comes to cleaning the floors. They are also perfect for cleaning carpets, so it is the ideal solution for offices or other kinds of business floors. The cleaning of very small areas can be done with models that are smaller and lighter. The quietness of these sweepers is a feature that business owners really appreciate, as it makes it possible to clean during the day without disturbing the normal activities of the business.

As you may have already realised, there is a wide variety of sweepers, to cater for all the different needs of business owners.

Industrial Sweepers Help You Improve Your Business

Health and safety in every workplace is paramount and in order to keep it healthy and safe it has to be clean. And here is where the industrial sweeper plays its important role, as it is the investment that will keep all the floor areas of your business clean and debris free, not only for Health and Safety reasons, which is important enough, but also because as a business owner you don’t want to project this image of negligent owner who doesn’t care about the appearance of its business.

How can floor sweepers make my business cleaner?

  • These machines have very powerful vacuum motors and large filters that are normally easy to change. A tip: Choose the filter size according to the area to clean, as choosing a smaller filter will make you have to replace it more frequently, which could slow down productivity.
  • Sweepers are manufactured in different sizes, to be suitable for facilities of any size. For example, walk-behind models are small and light, which allows you to reach difficult areas whereas ride-on models are the perfect solution for cleaning large areas.
  • Most floor sweepers have sweeping, scrubbing and drying functions that can be performed in one pass if required.
  • The brooms are adjustable and are easy to manoeuvre so all areas can be reached for cleaning.
  • Floors, in particular glossy floors, look at their best when they are cleaned with a floor sweeper, as the brushes have a polishing effect, making them shiny.

Some of the premises that may benefit the most from the use of industrial sweepers due to their effectiveness include factories, department stores, offices, schools or any other similar facilities. The multiple functions that the sweepers offer combined with powerful filtration systems and motors, and their ease of use, make them the perfect tool when it comes to cleaning floors.

What Are The Advantages of Owning a Floor Sweeper?

Choosing the right sweeper for your business is not only a good investment, but in the long term it will save you lots of money and potentially, increase the levels of productivity. All kinds of sweepers, no matter if they are street, walk-behind or ride-on are built to perform in very harsh conditions and are the ideal tool for commercial and industrial premises when it comes to cleaning floors.

When you own a floor sweeper you enjoy of the following advantages:

  • You can use your own staff to do the cleaning and not rely on contractors to do the job.

This of course, brings additional advantages, such as:

  • The job can be done by one of your employees because they are user-friendly and there is not much training involved in order to learn how to use the machines.
  • You are the one who sets up the cleaning routines of your premises.
  • You save money by not having to hire a cleaning company to do the job.

Business owners will realise that this is a more practical and cheaper option when it comes to cleaning industrial or commercial spaces.

  • When it comes to effectiveness, sweepers are much better at cleaning compared to manual methods
    • The cleaning of large floor areas can be done in a short period of time
    • You save time that can be invested in other matters in the business, or in cleaning more areas
    • It keeps the work place safe and environmentally friendly for all workers because all the collection and disposal of the waste is done in one go.

Thanks to the use of floor sweepers, business owners will realise that the productivity levels can increase, therefore increasing the business revenue in the long term too.

  • Lasts longer than the traditional cleaning products
    • These machines are made to last, are robust and durable, just perfect to reach difficult areas, for example in parking lots, shopping centres or factories
    • They are built to last several years
    • They can save you money
    • There are a wide variety of surfaces you can clean with the sweepers, from carpets to wood or rough concrete floors.

Business owners will soon find out that the industrial or commercial sweepers are extremely versatile tools for their premises.

And these are some of the quite extensive list of advantages that a business owner will enjoy when buying a sweeper.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Sweeper in the Long-Term?

It is important to know that buying a sweeper for your business is an investment that will bring you many advantages and benefits over a long period of time.

Cleaning Solutions that are Efficient – When there is a need to sweep roads or commercial areas, then sweepers are the indispensable tools to perform an excellent job. Thanks to the many different features they have and their powerful engines, they make the cleaning of the floors a very simple task.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements – When machines are built with very high quality materials, the maintenance of their parts and systems require a minimum level of maintenance, which makes them perfect to use at any time.

Safety – The safety of your employees is paramount and you want to make sure that whoever operates the machines is completely safe while doing so, as well as the general public who may be nearby when the cleaning is performed.

Very Ease to Use – One of the main features of sweepers is their ease of use. Learning how to operate them takes minimum time and there is no requirement of lengthy training processes for it.

Sturdiness and Quality – There is one problem that some cleaning machines present and it is the surface damage they can present after using them for some time. Although productivity may not be affected by this, it affects the appearance of the machine and could cause further problems over time.