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Do you have an old floor cleaner which coughs and splutters and has trouble collecting dust and dirt in your workplace? If so, then let your old cleaner retire and consider purchasing a new Australian floor sweepers from Alphaclean.

With our German engineered Australian sweepers countless businesses have been able to keep their work environment consistently clean. Every Australian SureSweep sweeper uses our innovative TRS technology – a major advancement in sweeper technology which was developed by German engineers.

With our Australian sweepers, you will achieve an exceptionally clean environment no matter what your business.

Collecting dirt and rubbish – Alphaclean vs conventional sweepers

One of the biggest problems facing our customers is the inability of their old floor sweeper to suck up fine dirt and dust. However, we have been told on countless occasions that our Australian sweepers collect this without any problems whatsoever.

Our Australian sweepers can actually handle everything from fine dust and sand to larger pieces of trash such as bottles and cans.

Maintenance – Alphaclean vs conventional sweepers

Maintenance time is another large problem frequently encountered with conventional sweepers. Blockages are frequent and the cleaner must be emptied regularly. Unfortunately, blockages must be removed immediately. If they aren’t then the cleaner will be much less efficient and will fail to clean properly.

Blockage removal can take a long, long time. Our Australian floor sweepers are designed with a rear mounted hopper which greatly reduces the likelihood of blockages occurring. They also compact collected debris, meaning that the hopper doesn’t need to be emptied as often as it otherwise would.

Uneven surfaces – Alphaclean vs conventional sweepers

One of the most common complaints from our customers is that conventional cleaners are unable to clean properly on uneven surfaces. Factory floors and industrial areas are often uneven and can accumulate dirt quickly if not cleaned properly.

One of the main features of our Australian sweepers is the height adjustable front roller which creates a perfect clean on all surfaces.

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If you have suffered any of the problems caused by conventional sweepers than get in touch with us today. Out wide range of extremely affordable Australian floor sweepers are well suited to every business – no matter how big or small they are.