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If you’re old floor cleaner is about to give up the ghost you should looking into buying an German made sweeper by Alphaclean, the Australian sweeper professionals.

These sweepers, distributed and sold in Australia, have given many business owners freedom to keep their work places clean and presentable. This is something that has been achieved with ease due to the reliability of Alphaclean products.

These Australian sweepers have been designed with German engineering and TRS technology. All of this combines to deliver an amazing floor cleaner that makes cleaning a breeze.

Conventional Vs Alphaclean – Collecting Dust and Debris

Our customers have made it clear that old floor sweepers do not hold a candle to Alphaclean. There’s just not enough power to meet all their cleaning expectations. However, Australian sweepers by Alphaclean always get the job done.

It is well known that these Australian sweepers can handle all types of dirt and debris from the smallest particle of dirt to the larger trash items like paper or cans.

Conventional Vs Alphaclean – Maintenance Time

Common complaints about traditional floor sweepers also include the time and maintenance required to get these older machines to work and keep working. The machines also experience frequent clogs however none of these problems exist with Alphaclean. Australian sweepers, Alphaclean, have innovated a rear mounted hopper that collects debris and reduces clogging.

Conventional Vs Alphaclean – Uneven Surfaces

You’ll always get a decent clean from Australian made Alphaclean that you can count on. Even on an uneven surface the Alphaclean will do its job and do it well. Contact Alphaclean today and discover the amazing Australian sweeper that gets the job done the first time!

Forget Conventional – Contact Alphaclean Today

If you understand the problems with a traditional sweeper and are ready to try something new contact Alphaclean today. You will not be disappointed and our customer service will be delighted to help you.