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The best place to find sweepers for sale in Australia is Alphaclean. We are Australia’s number one online shop and we are able to cater to all of your sweeper needs.

It doesn’t matter if you need to clean a small workspace or a huge car park – we have the sweeping solutions to make the job easier than ever.

We believe that SureSweep sweepers are better than the competitors

Alphaclean’s range of extremely efficient and effective sweepers are designed to make cleaning easier than ever before. We have a wide range of new and second-hand sweepers available for sale across Australia.

The best place to start is online at our online store. Here you will find specifications and details of every model of sweeper. You can also contact us to find out more about our new and used sweepers for sale.

Our wide range of sweepers for sale includes push along sweepers, which are suitable for smaller scale uses, and ride on sweepers, which are suited to larger businesses and factories.

Every single Alphaclean model includes our innovative TRS technology – a fact which we believe makes our products superior to those of all our competitors.

Use TRS technology for a better clean

Every single SureSweep sweeper is designed using TRS technology. This means that they are much more effective when it comes to collecting both fine dirt and large pieces of debris. The core principle of this technology is the cleverly placed roller brushes.

Extra roller brushes are added to Alphaclean machines. These are designed to work together and to push debris towards the centre of the machine. This forces the dirt and rubbish into the rear mounted hopper – it has nowhere else to go!

The innovative design incorporating extra brushes and rollers and a rear mounted hopper has led to the development of sweepers which are superior to most others on the market. Debris is collected quicker, blockages are a thing of the past, and the rear mounted hopper doesn’t need emptying as often as on other sweepers.

Head to Alphaclean to find both information about our sweepers and a demonstration of the TRS technology.

Choose Alphaclean if you want a real clean

Don’t be tempted by the other sweepers on the market. We believe that unless you buy Alphaclean then you will be disappointed. Choose from our wide range of efficient, durable, and affordable floor sweepers.

For an affordable, efficient cleaning machine that won’t cause problems and that will deliver results every single time, be sure to choose a SureSweep sweeper!