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Come to Alphaclean for all your online sweeper shopping. We are home to some of Australia’s best sweepers. With us you can’t go wrong!

What does the Alphaclean team bring to your business team?

Our wide range of sweepers – including push along and ride on sweepers – is loved by customers across Australia.

Our range of sweepers is able to cater for a wide range of working conditions. Whether you want sweepers for car parks and factories or for small businesses and storage areas, Alphaclean has them. We supply top-quality sweepers to Australian businesses who rely on our machines for a sparkling fresh clean.

With our wide range of products, you can be sure that you will find a sweeper that is perfect for your needs. We can supply you with detailed information on all of our products, allowing you to choose the perfect machine.

Every single one of our sweepers is extremely efficient thanks to our innovative TRS technology. This, combined with our excellent customer service, makes Alphaclean one of Australia’s best sweeper providers.

What is meant by the term “TRS technology”?

The best sweepers and sweeping machines in Australia are defined by TRS technology. The simple TRS design is extremely effective, and is applied to every single one of our products.

In the past sweepers have been designed around one main roller brush at the front of the sweeper which was supposed to sweep dirt into a fitted front catcher. However, this design causes much of the fine dust and dirt to be left behind. It is also easily blocked by larger pieces of trash such as bottles and cans.

We believe that our TRS technology makes SureSweep sweepers the best in Australia, especially when it comes to largescale business needs.

  • The core of our TRS technology is two contra-rotating roller brushes. The first brush is located at the front of the sweeper, just above floor level (thus reducing wear and tear on the machine and the surface being cleaned). This brush guides debris onto a second roller.
  • The second roller is found on the inside of the sweeper and moves in the opposite direction to the front roller. Added side roller brushes create an effective debris trap which results in sparkly clean floors.
  • Debris is forced into the top of a rear mounted hopper by the second rotating brush.
  • The entire range of SureSweep sweepers utilises TRS technology, making our products some of the best on the Australian market.

Visit Alphaclean to browse our wide range of sweepers and to purchase one of the best sweepers that the Australian market has to offer.