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Protecting the environment with sustainable & safe cleaning solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

As you probably know, your business is the most profitable when it looks good. Customers generally stay away from untidy or disorganised businesses. Although you probably already have a cleaning routine in place, a commercial floor sweeper could help save you time and do a better job.

Alphaclean’s range of commercial floor sweepers can help you achieve a sparkly clean and presentable business. Our team of experts can help you find the right sweeper to meet your needs and expectations.

Here at Alphaclean we believe that everyone should have access to a high-quality floor sweeper that is able to collect whatever dirt or rubbish is thrown at it. This led us to the development of our innovative new range of sweeping machines.

Our range of products

We have floor sweepers that will meet every single one of your needs. Take a look at our products and you will find one which if perfect in every way.

  • Our B series of sweepers is designed with smaller businesses and factories in mind. This series contains three models of push along sweepers (the S800, SM900, and ST900) which are simple and compact.
  • Our G series is designed for slightly larger businesses who need more cleaning power. It includes one push along model (the ST1000) and two ride on models (the STR1000 and the STR1100) which can help you achieve the perfect clean.
  • Due to an increase in demand will soon be releasing the new R series. This series is designed to service the largest businesses in the country, and includes two industrial ride on sweepers (the STR1300 and the STR1500).

We are sure that you will find the right floor sweeper for all your needs when you decide to work with us. If you aren’t sure about the best model then simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We can help you choose the right products, and can give you advice whenever you get stuck.

Alphaclean can bring you the sparkly clean workplace that you have previously only dreamed of. Our products are designed in an innovative new manner, and they are efficient and easy to use. For a top of the range commercial floor sweepers that can deliver a wonderful clean, head to the Alphaclean website today!