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Do you have regular problems with your commercial sweeper? Had enough of cleaning out blockages? Sick of using a sweeper which can’t cope with fine dirt and big pieces of rubbish?

If you have had enough of your old sweeper then it could be time to upgrade. Although many conventional designs are unreliable and cause countless problems, Alphaclean machines are built to deal with any task you throw at them.

Conventional Sweepers vs Alphaclean

There is a wide range of reasons why Alphaclean machines are superior to outdated conventional models.

The key feature of all Alphaclean machines is their utilisation of TRS technology. This technology involves the use of two contra-rotating brushes which work together to guide debris into a rear hopper. This differs from conventional designs which rely heavily on one large main roller brush to sweep dirt into a front mounted hopper.

You might be aware of the fact that conventional sweepers can struggle with the task of cleaning up. They are very prone to blockages, often leave fine dirt and large debris behind, and simply can’t handle the rigours of the modern workplace.

Generally, SureSweep commercial machines are much more suited to the task at hand. The two roller brushes work together by rotating in opposite directions, creating a trap which sucks up all of the dirt and debris from the area – no matter how big or small it is!

Side roller brushes are designed to guide debris into the two main brushes. The front mounted roller brush is mounted just above the floor surface to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

For a full demonstration and explanation of TRS technology head over to SureSweep. Here you will also find full details of every Alphaclean machine – helping you choose the one which is perfect for your business.

Our sweeper machines are perfect for every business

The wide range of Alphaclean machines is perfect for every imaginable commercial use. We have everything from ride on sweepers to push along sweepers, and they can be used for any indoor or outdoor job.

If you have a small budget and can’t afford a new sweeper then check out our range of second hand machines.

If you want to invest in a new sweeper machine then come to us. Our customer service guarantee means that we will supply a courtesy sweeper if we are unable to provide spare parts for your sweeper within two working days.

For commercial sweeper machines which make it easy to look after your business head to Alphaclean!