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In the world of commercial enterprises, if you’re office looks great, you look great. Your office space is often the first and sometimes the only impression a customer will get of your business so you always want to put your best foot forward. You will no doubt have a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your business but do you sometimes wonder if your enterprise could be cleaner?

Alphaclean produces a diverse range of floor cleaners that easily maintain a clean and professional business. The Alphaclean team of employees will help you decide which model meets all your cleaning needs.

The Alphaclean Company cultivates the belief that every commercial property should have and use a floor sweeper and there are products in the Alphaclean line to help any business achieve that goal, we also service other area including MelbourneSydneyPerthBrisbaneAdelaideHobartCanberra & Darwin.

The Alphaclean Range

Alphaclean has a model for every business and their unique requirements, they are:

  • The B Series – perfect for small businesses or commercial areas with smaller footprints. All models in this series are push along and include the S800, the SM900 and the ST900.
  • The G Series – is designed for the medium to slightly larger commercial settings. This range includes one push along, the ST1000, and two ride on models, the STR1000 and the STR1100.
  • The R Series – the latest series and yet to be released. All models in this range are ride on models designed for larger square footage. There are two models, the STR1300 and the STR1500.

Let Our Fantastic Floor Sweepers Sweep Away Your Cleaning Worries

Imagine if you didn’t have a floor sweeper – your workshop is messy after a productive day, but you have an important client visiting soon. Although you and your helpers have done your best to tidy up, you are unable to get it as clean and respectable as you want to.

Luckily for you, one of Alphaclean’s wonderful new floor sweepers will make your last-minute effort to clean up viable and absolutely possible. An Alphaclean cleaner will pick up dirt must quicker and more effectively than a conventional sweeper, meaning that you spend less time keeping your workplace sparkly and clean.

Our range of floor cleaners is perfect for everything from the smallest business through to the biggest workshop or factory. We can even supply you with a sweeper to keep your commercial carparks looking tidy!

Check out our innovative technology

We have been lucky enough to be able to incorporate the innovative new German engineered TRS technology in all of our Alphaclean floor sweepers. The clever combination of parts included in each of our sweepers gives them a superior cleaning power and efficiency when compared to more conventional sweepers.

A combination of uniqueness and efficiency means that our sweepers are perfect for a business which needs to cut back on their cleaning time.

Our TRS technology means our sweepers:

  • Can collect dust and debris much more efficiently than most conventional cleaners, keeping your floors cleaner for longer.
  • Have no problem collecting larger items which would block a conventional cleaner, including cans and bottles.
  • Use a unique waste compacting method to reduce the need to empty the waste collector as regularly.
  • Are extremely resistant to blockages.
  • . Are suited to any floor surface, no matter where it is or how uneven it is.

If you would like some more information about our floor sweepers then don’t hesitate to jump online and visit the Alphaclean store today. Here you will find model specifications and recommendations, allowing you to buy the right machine for your business.

Or, if you would like your questions answered immediately then consider getting in touch with one of our customer service representatives today – they are always happy to help!


Alphaclean is certain that you can find a floor sweeper machine that fits your requirements perfectly. If you are not quite sure about which model will work best for you all you have to do is contact Alphaclean. Our employees are available to aid your purchase of a floor sweeping machine and introduce you to the exceptional quality Alphaclean offers in all of its products.