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If you’re current floor cleaner is unreliable or breaks down frequently it can be difficult to maintain a clean business.   Keeping your business running smoothly while dealing with substandard cleaning equipment can be frustrating.

This is where Alphaclean can help. Alphaclean only supplies the best in cleaning equipment to businesses in Canberra. With accolades that precede us, Alphaclean is highly recommended by area business owners. The machines are reliable and well made. Customer service is also highly rated, we also service other area including MelbourneSydneyPerth, Adelaide, HobartCanberra & Darwin.

When you use an Alphaclean floor sweeper you control and clean up more debris in less time, this is when compared to traditional cleaners.

Innovative Technology Makes Cleaning Easy

The secret is TRS technology which comes with every Alphaclean sold today. This is proprietary technology that combines many cleaning concepts into one exceptional idea. As a client you’ll experience this technology in the form of the efficiency it delivers while cleaning your business or commercial space.

TRS is included with every Alphaclean floor sweeper sold today. This technology combines several innovative concepts to create a unified design. The result is an efficient but powerful floor sweeper. Clients will find this technology effortless to use so that means you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

The TRS technology will:

  • Clean and collect dirt that other cleaners can’t manage
  • Collect large debris as well as minute particles
  • Compacts collected debris for efficiency
  • Resistant to clogs due to a rear mounted collection bin
  • Handles all floors including uneven surfaces, inside or out

Visit Alphaclean for more details on this technology or to watch an informative video demonstration. You can always contact Alphaclean for any questions you may have as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new sweeper, or a used sweeper. Alphaclean in the Canberra area has you covered.

If you want to purchase or hire floor sweepers Canberra businesses wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, simply visit Alphaclean and we’ll be happy to help you find cleaning products, solutions and strategies that help you to maintain a tidy and presentable workspace.