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Protecting the environment with sustainable & safe cleaning solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

When it comes to running a successful business, your image is extremely important. If your products and services are not appealing to consumers, you won’t get any business. In the same way, if your property is messy and untidy, you will find that people avoid doing business with you and instead turn to your competitors.

Alphaclean floor sweepers allow New South Wales business owners to keep their properties clean and sparkly every single day without fail.

For a reliable floor cleaner that is trusted across NSW, come to Alphaclean. We believe that we offer some of the best industrial cleaning solutions on the market. Let us help you!

Invest in a cheap, efficient cleaning machine

If you want to buy one of the most energy efficient and cost-effective floor sweepers on the NSW market, you just can’t go past the Alphaclean range.

Our TRS technology makes our machines extremely efficient and productive. It is the result of years of research by German engineers, and draws on several existing cleaning concepts.

  • Dirt and rubbish is guided into the rear mounted hopper by two contra-rotating brushes.
  • The front brush sits just above the floor surface, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.
  • A number of side brushes are included in the design to make sure that dirt can’t escape.
  • Once the dirt and debris is past the front roller, it has nowhere to go except for straight into the rear mounted hopper.
  • Uneven surfaces present no problems for SureSweep sweepers, and most can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Every single Alphaclean model is designed around TRS technology. This means that they are extremely efficient and reliable. Our sweepers can cope with the demands of any and all businesses in NSW, no matter their size, shape, or function.

We offer sweeper equipment solutions in VictoriaNew South WalesQueenslandSouth AustraliaWestern AustraliaNorthern Territory & Tasmania.

Use a sweeper that is recommended by NSW businesses

Take care of both your business and your business image by investing in a top quality Alphaclean floor sweeper. With Alphaclean, cleaning up doesn’t have to be too hard – businesses across NSW have been using us for years to achieve the perfect finish on time, every time.