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If you are in the market for an exceptional floor sweeping machine that is always consistent in quality and power then look no further than Alphaclean. The company is Australia’s top manufacturer of floor sweepers for businesses in Perth, we also service other area including MelbourneSydneyPerthBrisbaneHobartCanberra & Darwin.

A Presentable Business is a Profitable Business

Your business and its cleanliness makes an impression, if you look professional no doubt your business will be successful. Customers notice the little things and if you have a clean facility it does a lot to inspire consumer confidence. A clean environment also encourages your employees to create and contribute more.

A cleaning regimen is important to any company and Alphaclean believes that it is essential to not only maintain this routine but make that routine simple. Alphaclean offers floor sweepers that clients in Perth depend on, no matter what day it is, throughout the year.

Floor Sweepers Perfect for All Business Sizes

Alphaclean has a wide selection of models and products suitable for any business or type of industry.

Nearly all the Alphaclean products can be used in either an indoor or outdoor setting but here’s some sweepers that Perth businesses swear by:

  • ‘B’ Series – the B-Series was created with small businesses in mind, there are three models, the S800, the SM900, and the ST900. All of these are push-along models.
  • ‘G’ Series – the G Series was designed for that medium sized property, the G-Series has a single push along model, ST1000, and two ride on models, the STR1000 and STR1100
  • ‘R’ Series – the R-Series are capable of handling medium to large spaces, either indoor or outdoor. These are ride on models and include the STR1300 and STR1500.

Alphaclean is committed to providing the right floor sweeper for your business needs!

Achieve the Clean You’ve Always Dreamed

Alphaclean makes it easy to obtain that clean facility you’ve always imagined.

Contact Alphaclean and discuss your needs with a helpful Alphaclean employee, we’ll be happy to provide you with information on your floor sweeping machine.