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Do you have an old sweeper which always needs to be repaired? Are you on the lookout for a new sweeper in Western Australia?

If so, then get on your computer and head to Alphaclean’s online store. We have a wide range of floor sweepers suited to a variety of uses across all of WA’s industries.

What is wrong with a conventional cleaner?

Conventional cleaners are very susceptible to blockages and breakdowns due to their flawed design. They rely on a single rollerbrush to move debris from the floor into a front mounted hopper. This roller can struggle to pick up all of the dirt and debris, meaning that it is difficult to achieve a perfect clean.

Here at Alphaclean we believe that we have the best sweeper technology in Western Australia. Our innovative new TRS technology is a vital part of our machines, and makes them more efficient and effective than most other sweepers.

What is TRS technology?

All SureSweep sweepers utilise the wonderful new TRS technology – a technology which was developed by compiling a range of existing concepts. This reduces breakdowns and blockages, making our sweepers extremely reliable.

Western Australia’s best floor sweepers use two contra-rotating roller brushes to force all manner of dirt and debris into a rear mounted hopper. They are backed up by a variety of side mounted brushes which make sure that nothing is able to escape the sweeper once it is past the first rollerbrush.

Western Australian business owners will find that with Alphaclean they can collect absolutely everything – from the smallest grain of dirt to rubbish like cans and bottles – on even the most uneven surfaces.

We have a wide range of sweeper models, meaning that you will be able to find one which is perfect for your business – no matter how big you are or what industry you are in!

We offer sweeper equipment solutions in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, Northern Territory & Tasmania.

Work in a cleaner environment

Alphaclean cleaners mean that WA business owners can now take comfort in cleaner premises. Both you and your workmates can gain the full benefits of a clean work space. Your clients and prospective customers will be treated to a great first impression, and you will have more chance of both gaining more business and retaining existing business.

You can either head to the Alphaclean website or get in touch with our customer service team today to find out more!