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Imagine your life without a floor sweeper machine – you’re expecting a critical client to stop by your office but all the productive work has contributed to a messy workplace. Of course you can try to clean up the best you can but even with an amazing effort your office isn’t as clean as it could be

With a floor sweeper from Alphaclean any last minute cleaning task will be handled in an instant. The Alphaclean floor cleaners are designed to sweep up and collect debris in mere minutes. This means your business always looks professional no matter how busy your schedule.

Alphaclean has a diverse collection of machines ranging from the smaller push along models to those designed for larger enterprises.

Innovative Technology

Through the use of TRS technology built into each unit Alphaclean guarantees that each sweeper it sells is efficient. TRS technology is German designed and engineered so efficiency goes hand in hand with this technology.

The result is a unique floor cleaner that delivers amazing and efficient debris collection to keep your business looking impeccable.

TRS technology allows for:

  • Pick up of all dirt and debris that traditional cleaners miss
  • Collection of larger trash like bottles or even cans
  • Compaction of trash in an efficient way with less emptying required.
  • Clog resistant due to placement of trash hopper
  • Operation on uneven surfaces, indoor or outdoor

You can visit Alphaclean’s online store for more details, there you will find information on the different models. These details can help you pick out the perfect model for your needs.

Alphaclean takes pride in its product line so if you have any questions you can contact us directly. We are always happy to help with questions about our amazing line of floor sweeping machines. Contact us today!