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Do you have trouble with your old sweeper failing to pick up fine dust and larger pieces of rubbish, and then blocking up when it does?

Alphaclean sweeping machines include the innovative new TRS technology – a design which includes two contra-rotating rollerbrushes and a rear mounted hopper.

What is TRS technology?

Our TRS technology is a vital part of every single one of our industrial floor sweepers and cleaners, making them extremely efficient and easy to use.

The front rollerbrush sits just above the ground. This makes the machine more energy efficient than usual, and reduces wear and tear. The brush rotates forwards and pushes dust and debris into the sweeper cavity.

The key to the design is the rear mounted rollerbrush which rotates in the opposite direction to the front brush, forcing dirt into the rear mounted hopper. There is simply nowhere else for the dirt to go.

The Alphaclean’s design includes a number of other brushes to make sure that every single grain of sand and every other piece of rubbish and debris is picked up and collected by the sweeper.

Every part of the machine is designed to work with every other part, making our sweeping machines extremely effective, efficient, and fast to use.

Alphaclean Industrial Floor Cleaner Products

There are currently 8 models of SureSweep sweeper belonging to 3 different sweeper series.

Our B series includes three push along industrial floor sweepers which are designed for use in small spaces such as shops, workshops, and small factories.

Our G series is designed for use in medium to large businesses, and contains one push along and two ride on industrial floor sweeping machines.

The R series of industrial floor sweepers is designed for use on even larger areas of floor space and includes two large ride on models.

Alphaclean’s industrial floor cleaners are much more effective than most conventional sweepers. The included TRS technology makes them shine and stand out above most other sweepers. They will generally pick up more dirt and debris than other sweepers, and will work quicker.

If you would like to find out more about our TRS technology then visit Alphaclean today! Alternatively, get in touch with us today with any other questions that you may have.