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If you own a floor sweeper that consistently fails to clean or always clogs then you should reconsider your machinery. Alphaclean floor cleaners come complete with TRS technology in every model. This one-of-a-kind innovation allows for the collection of all debris whether it’s small as dust or as large as a can.

TRS Technology

The TRS technology that comes with each Alphaclean floor sweeper has been created in Germany, with that comes an attention to efficiency that is unmatched.

In Alphaclean floor cleaners the front rollerbrush actually hovers without touching the surface you’re sweeping, this means less impact on critical components while gathering dust and debris. At the opposite end you have the rear rollerbrush, this brush rotates in the opposite direction. With a space between the two brushes there is absolutely no way dirt can get free.

Of course there are other brushes as well to ensure all types of dirt and trash is effectively scooped up and contained.

The Alphaclean Range

There are 8 models that currently make up the Alphaclean line and these include three series, we also service other area including MelbourneSydneyPerthBrisbaneHobartCanberra & Darwin.

The B Series has three floor sweepers designed for smaller offices and work areas. All of the models in the B Series are push along models.

The G Series contains three sweepers for medium to large applications. This series has one push along and two ride along models.

The R Series you’ll get a sweeper that can handle large areas. These are ride on models as well.

Alphaclean’s floor cleaners are designed for industrial use and outperform the competition on every level. With TRS technology you’ll be more efficient in your daily cleaning routine.

Visit the Alphaclean website to find out more, there you can learn about TRS technology or watch a video demonstration.