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If you own a business then you will know that busy spaces can get messy extremely fast. Unfortunately, it can take some time to clean up, especially without the right equipment. Fortunately, Alphaclean’s industrial floor sweepers are here to make sure that you get your cleaning done quickly and effectively.

Find the right industrial floor sweeper for your business

Here at Alphaclean our range of industrial floor sweepers contains something for every situation. We have machines for use everywhere from large factories to small workshops and businesses.

We currently have six models of floor sweeper on the market, but we will be expanding our range to eight models in the near future.

Our models are separated into series as follows:

  • The B series contains three smaller models (S800, SM900, and ST900) which are easily recognizable by their blue colour.
  • The three G series models (ST1000, STR1000, and STR1100) are characterised by their grey colour.
  • We will soon be releasing two new red models (STR1300 and STR1500) which will create the new R series.

The B series models are suited for smaller spaces, and are all push along models. However, they are built using the same technology and with the same cleaning power as all of our larger models.

If you need a slightly larger sweeper then you should go for something from the G series. These models are designed for medium to large areas. The series contains one push along model and two ride on models.

Every single one of our industrial floor sweepers is built around our innovative new TRS technology. This means that they are extremely efficient when it comes to picking up debris and trash of all sizes.

Hop online for more information

You can find out everything that you want about each of our individual products on our website. Everything from technical details about each sweeper to helpful tips to let you get the most out of your machine can be accessed with our user-friendly interface.

Simply visit the Alphaclean website to find out more about any of our industrial floor sweepers.

If you have direct questions or any concerns about our products then feel free to get in touch with our friendly and experienced customer service team today!