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SureSweep STR1100

SureSweep STR1100
1000mm sweeping path. Ride on sweeper with Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of rubbish.
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SureSweep STR1100 HD
1000mm sweeping path. Ride on sweeper with TRS & High Dump, ensuring highly efficient collection of rubbish.
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Floor Sweepers – Large

Our Sweepers are used for a wide range of surfaces as they provide superior cost effective cleaning solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Do You Require A Large Floor Sweeper

Anyone responsible for cleaning industrial and commercial premises will know how quickly they become dirty again, but with one of the large floor sweepers provided by market leading Alphaclean things become a lot easier.

We provide a range of heavy duty large floor sweepers, as well as smaller models and many other cleaning machines that are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our designs are market-leading because they use technological advances that allow them to provide not only greater cleaning ability but more cost-effective usage, and our satisfied customers confirm this.

Why Our Customers are Satisfied

Alphaclean has a strong customer base for many reasons, not least our commitment to making your job easier. Our cleverly designed and advanced large floor cleaners use an innovation known as TRS; this is what allows our machines to remain a cut above the opposition. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular from our range:

  • The B-Series – including the S800, SM900 and ST900, these are push along sweepers that are designed for simple everyday use and that come with a variety of special features.
  • G-series – the ST1000, STR1000 and STR 1100 are among the most advanced of all, and among them are some of the popular and easy to use ride-on machines.
  • R-series – this is the heavy duty range including ride on models, designed for larger spaces and industrial use.

The incorporation of TRS, with its efficient pick up and waste disposal systems, means that all Alphaclean floor sweepers are among the most advanced on the market, and are designed to save time and money for our customers.

Versatile and Affordable

We are committed not only to giving you the best in large floor sweepers, but also in covering every size and type of industry. We have sweepers that can be used outdoor and on the most unwieldy of surfaces, and we also offer a selection of used floor sweepers and run a hire service.

Visit our website for a video demonstration of a TRS floor sweeper and detailed information of each model or contact us right away and one of our friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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