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A conventional floor sweeper can be home to a host of problems. If you’re in the market for a new sweeper consider investing in a reliable company, put your money in Alphaclean and you’ll never be disappointed again!

New Technology Vs Old Technology

Normal sweepers have a common design flaw that contributes to problems, this design is having just one rollerbrush to pick up all the debris in your workspace. Inevitably this one brush fails to do the job right or sometimes at all.

The New Sweepers from Alphaclean and TRS Technology

The new line of floor sweepers for sale from have been created to accommodate a wide range of businesses and business sizes. All of the Alphaclean models make use of TRS technology too.

Floor sweepers from Alphaclean use two roller brushes instead of the traditional one. These brushes work together yet rotate in opposite directions to trap all the dirt and debris. The dirt and material is then transferred to a rear collection hopper.

This double design is incredible and never fails to pick up all types of materials from the smallest particle to paper, bottles and cans. A new sweeper from Alphaclean will only need to pass through an area once.

Invest in a New Sweeper and be Amazed by the Results

When you put your money into a Alphaclean floor sweeper you will find a noticeable difference when compared to previous sweepers. This is an entirely new level of cleaning. The level of customer service is also exceptional and Alphaclean guarantees replacement parts within 2 days of a problem or they’ll provide a courtesy sweeper until yours is repaired.

Contact Alphaclean or visit the website to learn more about this amazing floor sweeper, it will exceed all of your expectations!