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Are you looking for a second-hand sweeper somewhere in Australia? If so, then don’t go past the Alphaclean online store!

Here at Alphaclean we strive to be the one-stop online shop for all of your floor sweeper needs. We have a wide range of push along and ride on sweepers which are available both new and second hand.

Most of our sweepers are supplied to commercial clients. However, our smaller sweeping machines are perfect for use in small workshops and businesses.

Give our TRS technology a try

Consider choosing a SureSweep sweeper if you are chasing a reliable second-hand machine. Every single SureSweep sweeper is designed around one core principle – the incredible new TRS technology.

TRS technology was developed to increase the efficiency of conventional sweepers. It was developed by German engineers – and it is a well-known fact that the German’s are amongst the best in the world when it comes to delivering innovative new technology.

SureSweep sweepers have a number of TRS technology features which make them unique when compared to other sweepers. Two of the main features are the rear mounted hopper and the unique contra-rotating brushes.

This technology is both efficient and extremely hard-wearing. This means that second hand SureSweep sweepers will generally still be able to meet your needs for a long time, even after they have been heavily used by someone else. Wear and tear on the machine is reduced by the design, and the rear mounted hopper is resistant to blockage and damage.

Go for a Alphaclean second hand sweeper to make sure that you get the most out of your new cleaning machine!

If you ever have a breakdown then you can find any spare parts that you need by getting in touch with Alphaclean.

Find out more about our Alphaclean second hand sweepers

Come and enquire at Alphaclean to make sure that you get a reliable second-hand sweeper which won’t let you down and which will meet your needs for years to come.

All of our newer models are extremely affordable and come with our ’48-hour replacement part or courtesy sweeper’ guarantee – this means that if we can’t get the necessary parts to you within 2 days, we will supply a courtesy sweeper free of charge until we can.

If you want an incredible sweeper which is affordable and does a great job, then you simply can’t go past Alphaclean!