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Protecting the environment with sustainable & safe cleaning solutions, so everyone can enjoy the Just Clean It experience.

If you are trying to maintain a busy working environment then a sweeper cleaning machine is an essential purchase!

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to look after a large space like a car park or a small space like a workshop – it is extremely important to maintain a high level of cleanliness. This is important both because it gives your business a good image and increases income and because it maintains the health and safety of both your team and the public.

Conventional sweeper cleaning machines can have trouble meeting the tough demands of daily cleaning and maintenance. However, Alphaclean sweeper cleaners are reliable, effective, and efficient.

Choosing your next Alphaclean cleaner

It is extremely easy to choose a Alphaclean cleaner. Head on in and visit Alphaclean to find the perfect sweeper for all your business needs.

Here at Alphaclean our team has done everything that it can to make our website easy to navigate and as simple as our range of sweepers! Just a few clicks of your mouse will give you the specifications and details of any of our sweeper models.

On our website, you can also find a detailed explanation and video demonstration of our innovative new TRS technology. This technology is included in the design of every single Alphaclean cleaner sweeper and is one of the distinctive features of all our products.

You will also find detailed information about every single one of our products, including the features of the machine, the size of the area that it is designed to service, and the environments that it is most suited to.

We currently have two main product ranges – the G series and the B series. The R series is set to be released in the near future. Each series has a distinctive colour which sets it apart from the others (grey, blue, and red respectively).

  • Our G series has one push along model and two ride on sweepers which are suited to medium and larger businesses.
  • The B series contains 3 smaller, push along sweepers which are designed for smaller properties.
  • The coming R series of sweepers will have 2 ride on models, both of which are designed for larger businesses and properties.

SureSweep sweeper cleaning machines are designed for use on a wide range of properties and businesses. They can clean everything from small business spaces to large workshops and car parks. Our innovative and efficient sweepers are designed to deliver effective floor cleaning solutions to anyone and everyone.