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If you’re considering purchasing a new floor sweeper you should consider a Alphaclean model. Perhaps you’re buying a sweeper because your current one is unreliable or broken down. Alphaclean has a sweeper for you!

If you are in the market for a new floor sweeper then you require Alphaclean. This company has an incredible commitment to making sure you receive a great product, one that meets all your expectations for cleaning. Alphaclean combines their machines with TRS technology to create a sweeper that is truly a cut above the rest.

Take a Closer Look at TRS Technology

You have no doubt spent considerable time looking at the parts of your old sweeper and not for the reasons you’d like. These older sweepers have a multitude of issues that will ultimately cost you money.

The technology within Alphaclean floor cleaners are worthy of another look, this TRS technology is simply genius. On Alphaclean.com.au you can find some more details concerning this amazing innovation as well as an informative video, we also service other area including MelbourneSydneyPerthBrisbaneHobartCanberra & Darwin.

Each Alphaclean model will come with this TRS technology whether it is a smaller push along model or ride on sweeper.

Choosing a Sweeper for Your Business Property

There are 3 ranges currently available on Alphaclean.com.au with a total of 9 models between them. These ranges are also expanding and will soon include a third range with 2 more models.

Our ranges include:

  • The B Series – push along models that include S800, SM900 & ST900, designed for smaller work areas
  • The G Series – 1 push along model, ST1000, and 2 ride along models, STR1000 & STR1100, designed for medium to large areas
  • The R Series – 2 ride on models, STR1300 & STR150, created for larger areas and square footages

Be sure to visit Alphaclean to discover more details and specifications on the model you’re interested in. Questions are always welcome and Alphaclean will be delighted to help you find a industrial floor sweeper to suit your business needs.