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Do you have an unreliable sweeper which has broken down again? Do you need to buy a new, more reliable floor sweeper?

If so, Alphaclean has you covered! We are committed to providing excellent products and impeccable customer service which is second to none. We have products to provide cleaning solutions for all kinds of floors. All our products are designed using the innovative new TRS technology, and are therefore superior to conventional sweepers (in our opinion!).

 Discover TRS technology

Have you wasted a lot of time thinking about the inner workings of your old sweeper? Conventional sweepers are really not worth thinking about: they break down regularly and are susceptible to blockages – especially if not well maintained.

TRS technology is an extremely innovative design method which dramatically reduces the amount of down time you and your machine will suffer. It is worth taking a look at the inside of a SureSweep sweeper before you buy it – because you won’t ever have to again!

Head to Alphaclean.com.au for detailed information about TRS technology. Take a look at our video demonstration which outlines the problems with conventional cleaners and shows how Alphaclean has overcome these problems.

Every single SureSweep sweeper cleaner, from our smallest to our largest – is designed with TRS technology in mind.

Choose the best sweeper for your business

Here at Alphaclean we currently offer two ranges of sweepers with six models to choose from. However, this range will be expanding in the near future to include a third range and two more models.

Our three ranges are:

  • The B series – designed for small businesses, the B series contains three push along models (the S800, SM900, and ST900).
  • The G Series – designed for medium to large businesses, the G series contains one push along model (ST1000) and two ride on models (STR1000 and STR1100).
  • The R Series – designed for the largest factories and businesses, the R series contains two ride on models (STR1300 and STR1500).

Discover the model specifications and features of any of these models at Alphaclean. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team with any questions or concerns that you may have.

For a sweeper which always delivers the perfect finish, make sure that you don’t go past the range from Alphaclean!