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If you are in charge of maintaining your own workplace, you will understand that regular cleaning is one of the most important jobs. While different businesses use different cleaning methods, one thing remains: the cleaning must be done, and it must be done well. One of the best ways to do this is to use a walk behind or push sweeper.

It doesn’t matter what your cleaning strategy is, you need to be able to maintain your floors. Floor spaces – especially those in factories and workshops – tend to accumulate dirt and debris quickly.

If you are looking for a great new tool to add to your cleaning routine then you can’t go past a walk behind or push along sweeper. We believe that the Alphaclean push sweeper is one of the best on the market. It is designed to collect more dirt in less time than other sweepers, and it is incredibly efficient and effective when it comes to achieving a complete clean.

Find out the cleaning power of a SureSweep sweeper by testing one of our machines today!

Find the best walk behind or push sweeper for your needs

Here at Alphaclean you can find a huge number of different sweepers, including ride on and push sweepers.

We currently have two series of sweepers on the market: the B series which contains 3 push sweepers, and the G series which has 2 ride on and 1 push sweeper.

We have found SureSweep sweepers to be extremely popular. This has led us to expand our range to include a new R series. The R series will be released in the near future, and will include two new sweepers designed for use on large floor spaces such as those found in car parks and warehouses.

Find your right push sweeper

Every single business has different needs. This has led us to the development of a website which is easy to access and navigate. This helps customers – people like you – to find the right Alphaclean push sweeper for their individual needs. If you would like help finding the right sweeper or if you would like to customize your sweeper then get in touch with our friendly customer service team today.

Head to our website for useful information regarding model specifications and the workings of our new TRS technology. You will also find a video detailing the inner workings of the TRS technology which is incorporated into every single sweeper sold by Alphaclean.

Use a Alphaclean push sweeper to improve your cleaning routine and boost your business’s reputation and standing in the community.