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Looking for a commercial vacuum?

Alphaclean’s vacuum cleaners are manufactured to high standards and are made to be durable and sturdy for modern commercial cleaning purposes. Through innovation and research we continue to reduce the cost of cleaning with our state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners. Browse and select from a wide variety of vacuum cleaners including backpack, upright, wide area, canister, ride on to commercial cleaners for your industrial use.

Vacuum Features:

  • Highly innovative technology to provide excellent dust control and filtration that makes the indoor air quality high
  • Wide variety of vacuum cleaners from ride on to backpack giving you the freedom to choose the most suitable
  • Compact body for the canister model with a flexible horse for ease of cleaning
  • Comprehensive warranty and after sales service.

Alphaclean is always looking for innovative ways to improve on our products. That’s why our vacuum cleaners lead in technology. This has greatly reduced the cost of cleaning and made it an affordable choice of cleaning solution. With a wide network of distribution points, we are able to reach out to all our customers in different cities and provide excellent service and parts for all our products. When you think of cleaning, think of Alphaclean.

Alphaclean has well trained professionals who are experts in our cleaning products to assist you with any queries that you may have. Our technicians are highly motivated and have a passion for our work, thus giving you the best before and after sale service. If you have any technical inquiries or find it difficult to set up your equipment, speak to one of our trained technicians who will be more than happy to explain and walk you through set-up procedures. Any service and repair queries in regards to your cleaning equipment can also be directed to our keen technicians. Alphaclean provides a comprehensive amazing customer support experience including after sales service for all our products.

In addition, all vacuum products come under commercial warranty protection. This is to give our customers confidence that what they are buying is reliable and serviceable.

Alphaclean vacuums are powerful and highly effective. They are manufactured under the highest standards, and made with new technology that allow them to be swift and cost effective.

Find the right vacuum machine by contacting us on 1300 655 598 for more information.

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Truvox Hydromist Lite HML
6.5L Sol/ Recovery Tank, Stainless Wand, Plastic Floor & Upholstery Tool.
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Truvox Hydromist 20
Compact spray extractors for effective carpet cleaning.
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Truvox Cimex CRS38
Multi-purpose STRAIGHT LINE Rotary machine.
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Truvox Cimex CR48

Truvox Cimex CR48
Multi-purpose machine.
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Truvox Hydromist Compact HC250

Truvox Hydromist Compact HC250
14 litre all-in-one carpet extraction.
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Truvox HM35
35L Capacity All-in-one Carpet Extractor – 45cm Cleaning Path.
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Truvox HM55/100
55L Solution Tank, 6m Hose, 100psi Pump, Twin Vacuum Motor.
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