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Truvox Wide Area Vac
70cm cleaning path & equipped with high efficiency twin 1000 watt vacuum motors.
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Truvox Aqua 55HD
Heavy duty 55L wet and dry industrial vacuum.
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TSM DuraVac D76 TIP
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with one double stage motor till reaching 1400W maximum power.
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Commercial Vacuums – Heavy Duty Vacuums

We provide a wide array of commercial vacuums to meet the growing demand for a cost effective and efficient cleaning system.

Do You Require Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners

As one of the leading players in the cleaning solutions market in Australia for many years, Alphaclean has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with advanced heavy duty vacuum cleaners that are intended to make your job easier and more cost-effective. With a commitment to continued development, advanced technology and top quality materials and build quality, our upright vacuum cleaners have gained many satisfied customers and we are confident that our comprehensive range, featuring a wide variety of styles and models, will include the one for you.

Furthermore, our expert team of technical staff are trained to understand all of our products intimately, and are therefore perfectly placed to help you with any questions or advice you may need. With a full warranty on all products, a commitment to customer service and an after-sales service arrangement, Alphaclean can help with all your cleaning needs.

What we offer

Our range of heavy duty vacuum cleaners offers the following features:

  • Superb levels of innovation in design providing excellent cleaning ability and technically advanced filtration for better air quality.
  • A choice of designs from smaller models to ride-on machines allowing customers flexibility of choice
  • Models that can tackle even the most arduous of floors and that can cover large areas very quickly
  • A full warranty and after-sales commitment with a comprehensive spare parts package

We stay ahead of our rivals by constantly striving to make our heavy duty vacuum cleaners better than ever, and the result is that your job becomes easier and more cost-effective. With a full commitment to repairs and a widespread distribution network in Australia, we believe that Alphaclean provides you with the very best cleaning solutions available, and the top quality heavy duty vacuum cleaners in our range are a testament to this.